Advent 2017 How Far Is It to Bethlehem? Come join us to find out!

“Are we there yet?” “How far is it?” We hear this a lot when we are taking trips, especially from children. They haven’t learned that journeys take time and patience (and sometimes a lot of gas and gummi bears!).

As we mature, we still ask “how far is it?”, but with a different purpose in mind. It allows us to gauge our journey, plan for stops along the way, look for milestones that indicate our progress. We’ve learned that a journey is a process that brings us from one point to another, with stops and starts, re-fueling and adjustments along the way.

The same is true of a spiritual journey. Whether forty days or weeks or years, it’s a movement through time, and possibly physical space. But it is also a journey in one’s heart and mind, one’s emotions and thinking. And along the way we change, as God prepares us for what he has next.

This Advent we’re going to look at some characters in the Christmas story, with a particular focus on their journeys. We’ll look at how God brought them (and even history itself) from where they were to Bethlehem, to an encounter with him through his incarnate Son. Most of them changed spiritually, even as they journeyed physically. A few refused to change. And One made the ultimate change by becoming fully human and living among us. For each character we’ll ask: “How far is it to Bethlehem?” And we’ll ask the same question of ourselves. Which journey most parallels ours?