Getting to Know Us

Reflecting on Our Vision:
Gather – To be and build authentic Christian

community, which is in the habit of regularly
and intentionally exercising a radical

Grow – To be and build authentic Christ
following disciples, who regularly and
intentionally exercise a radical discipline and

Go – To be and build the kingdom of God in
the world, regularly and intentionally acting
in the world for the sake of the world.

A vision statement, such as the one above which we
have adopted for ourselves as Webster CRC, seeks
to capture a picture of a preferred future—who we
want to be and what we want to build. Three key
words jump out at me from this statement:

• Community – We are challenging ourselves to
increasingly become a family that gets into each
other’s lives, supporting, encouraging, and
celebrating with each other. [Gather]

• Disciples – We are challenging ourselves as
individuals to grow in our relationship with our
rabbi Jesus, not only learning what Jesus teaches us
but also growing to be like him in how we live and
think, in our actions and our attitudes. [Grow]

• Kingdom – We are also reminding ourselves
that we are not doing this in a vacuum, but we are a
community of disciples acting as part of God’s
kingdom in and for the good of our families,
communities, and world. [Go]

How are we doing in seeking to make this vision a

We are a group of people who have found
each other because of our common
relationship with Jesus. We worship together,
learn from him through our study of the
Bible, and strive to grow to be like him as we
make our way in this world. As we grow into
a family and allow Jesus to guide the way we
live, we expect to make a positive impact on
our families, community and world.

How will we know when we’ve gotten there? We’ll
never fully arrive before Jesus returns, but we did
set up some measurements to see how far we’ve
come and if we are moving in the right direction:

  1. Empowering Leadership
    2. Gift-oriented Ministry
    3. Passionate Spirituality
    4. Functional Structures
    5. Inspiring Worship Services
    6. Holistic Small Groups
    7. Need-oriented Evangelism
    8. Loving Relationships
    Are we heading in the right direction?

This is our collective hope and challenge for
who we want to be and what we want to build. And
it is our collective responsibility to grow into a
community of disciples working for God’s
kingdom in this world.

So what can I do as an individual to contribute to
the vision of the whole you ask?

Answer:  Make sure I’m working on
my own discipleship. Join us on this journey!