Next Sunday March 25 : Jesus’ Triumphal Procession (Mark 15:1-39)

Palm Sunday is known as Jesus’ triumphal entry. In some ways it was, with the crowds who had heard him teach throughout the Galilee proclaiming him the Messiah. But Mark tells us the story of another triumphal march
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Next Sunday March 18: Rejection of the King (Mark 15:1-20)

The Gospel of Mark is written to an authentic, countercultural, persecuted church in Rome. Mark’s intention is that the Roman church was to understand that they might undergo similar rejection to that of Jesus, and chapter 15 is …
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Next Sunday March 4: Sovereign Submission (Mark 14:43-52)

During his passion week, while truly the “man in charge,” as the sovereign ruler of the world, Jesus gave himself over to the inmates; he submitted to the authority of human beings. Sovereigns don’t submit, kings don’t give
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Next Sunday February 11: Symbols of the Supper (Mark 14:12-26)

There were times in a prophet’s ministry when words were not adequate to make the point, so he resorted to dramatically
symbolic actions. Jesus, the ultimate prophet of Israel, was following a prophetic tradition when,
during the feast …
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