Next Sunday February 11: Symbols of the Supper (Mark 14:12-26)

There were times in a prophet’s ministry when words were not adequate to make the point, so he resorted to dramatically
symbolic actions. Jesus, the ultimate prophet of Israel, was following a prophetic tradition when,
during the feast …
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Sunday January 28th: Fig Tree Christians? (Mark 11:12-25)

Next Sunday: Fig Tree Christians? (Mark 11:12-25) – As Jesus enters Jerusalem after his
triumphal entry, he curses a fig tree because it yields no fruit and he’s hungry—but fig season is
still five weeks away! Why would …
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Sunday January 21st: How to Have an Eye-Opening Experience (Mark 10:46-54

Jesus, a popular though controversial teacher, is traveling toward Jerusalem for Passover. As Jesus travels
through Jericho, he’s looked at by some with awe (because of his celebrity and miracles), others
with gratitude (because they had been healed), …
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Next Sunday January 14: The Way of a Servant (Mark 10:35-45)

How is Christian discipleship a different way to live in this world? When the disciples start thinking and acting like the secular world around them, Jesus continues teaching them about the value system of the kingdom, of a …
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