Next Sunday Sept 23: Experiencing God at Work Around You (Genesis 12)

– What’s your greatest spiritual wish for the new church year? For many of us it might be: to grow closer to God, know his will for me, join him in his work. We can sum that up as “experiencing God.” So how do we recognize and, therefore, experience God? Henry Blackaby writes about “seven realities of experiencing God.” These are not steps to knowing and doing God’s will, but…Keep Reading

Sunday, September 16

Next Sunday: A Reluctant Prophet Experiencing God (Jonah) – Ninevah is northeast; Tarshish is west. When the Lord call Jonah to preach repentance to the wicked Ninevites, the reluctant prophet knows that God might actually shows Israel’s enemies mercy! So he turns down his God-given mission and heads the other way. But God “rocks the boat” of Jonah’s life. The prophet is an interesting study in how a believer might…Keep Reading

Next Sunday From the Pulpit: Whose Image Is This? (Mark 12:13-17)

Jesus was faced with a dilemma when he was asked: should we pay taxes to Caesar or not? A poll tax was imposed on Judea following the imposition of direct Roman rule. Fiercely resented by patriotic Jews, it resulted in a revolt led by a rebel named Judas. But others were loyalists to the Roman Empire. So this question was a political hot potato. Jesus answers their deceptive question with…Keep Reading

Kick-off Sunday for the 2018-2019 educational year September 9

Kick-off Sunday for the 2018-2019 educational year will be September 9, which is only 2 weeks away! Plan now to be a part of this special day. Sign-up, telling us that you will come to the picnic and what you would like to bring. Stay after the 9:30AM worship service to hear about all the opportunities you and your family have to be built up in the Word. After feasting…Keep Reading

Next Sunday May 20: Pentecost: The Bride’s Graduation (Acts 1:8; 2:1-13)

– Graduation is the end of one type of education but the beginning of another, either at another school or in the world. It is fitting, then, that graduation season coincides with Pentecost (the Old Testament Feast of Weeks), because it is the graduation day of the Bride of Christ, the Christian Church! Pentecost is the Church’s commencement: the end of one type of education but just the beginning of…Keep Reading

Next Sunday May 6: Lord’s Supper: A Banquet for the Bride (Luke 22:14-30; Revelation 19:6-9)

– When we celebrate the Lord’s Supper, we usually focus on “past” aspect of the celebration. Jesus is the once-for-all Passover lamb and we are to “do this in remembrance of” him. But while an important part of the Lord’s Supper is looking back and remembering what God has done for us in Jesus Christ, another important aspect is looking ahead. The Lord’s Supper not only remembers but also anticipates….Keep Reading

Next Sunday April 29: Evangelism: The Outgoing Bride (Acts 2:42 – 3:10)

– The early church was “enjoying the favor of all the people” (Acts 2:47), literally “looking good.” If the church is to be the Bride of Christ, we must not only be an adoring bride through Worship, a growing bride through Instruction, and a sharing bride through Fellowship, but also an outgoing bride through Evangelism. And while being attractive on the inside is essential to evangelism, that too easily lets…Keep Reading

Next Sunday April 22: Fellowship: The Sharing Bride (Acts 2:42-47)

– Church services and activities should be opportunities for us to experience what the Bible calls “koinonia” (fellowship), or “having things in common.” The Christian church arises from the wind and flames of Pentecost to find koinonia as one of her main objectives, a koinonia based on the love of Jesus Christ and inspiration of the Holy Spirit, which led them to express their common faith, hope of salvation, and…Keep Reading

Next Sunday, April 15: Instruction: The Growing Bride (Acts 2:14-47)

– Worship (as we’ve seen) is incredibly important, but you could make the argument that Instruction is the “backbone” of the body of Christ. When we encounter people who can’t stand up for what they believe, who have no courage, we say they have no backbone, they are spineless — because the backbone enables us physically to stand up. This is true also of Christ’s body: we cannot stand, face…Keep Reading

Next Sunday: April 8th – Worship: The Adoring Bride (Acts 2:37-47)

– What does it mean to be the Church? The New Testament has many images of the church, but the most intimate is the Bride of Christ. This image gives us a fitting acronym for the main objectives of the church: WIFE — Worship, Instruction, Fellowship, Evangelism. As we take a look at the church’s job description over the next several weeks, we begin with the fact that from his…Keep Reading

Next Sunday: Easter: Fear and Joy (Mark 16:1-8)

Easter is one of the most joyful days of the Christian Church, but what does fear have to do with it? Isn’t it about Good News?! Yes! Today we feel great joy, and well we should! Jesus is risen, he’s alive, and there’s no better reason for celebration! But Mark tells us Easter also has something to do with fear, that, in fact, fear was the predominant emotion of the…Keep Reading

Next Sunday March 25 : Jesus’ Triumphal Procession (Mark 15:1-39)

Palm Sunday is known as Jesus’ triumphal entry. In some ways it was, with the crowds who had heard him teach throughout the Galilee proclaiming him the Messiah. But Mark tells us the story of another triumphal march later in the week, not a triumphal entry but a triumphal procession, the one Paul speaks of: “But thanks be to God, who always leads us in triumphal procession in Christ and…Keep Reading